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Each of us can bring change to the world by doing our part.

As one of the leading relocation companies in China, Citywise consulting group is committed to delivering innovation, inspiration and great services. As we look at the challenges of today and the future, it's clear that success relies on our ability to transition into the sustainable economy.

We see tremendous opportunity in applying our core strength in innovation to bring about systemic change in the relocation and real estate industries, create sustainable products, services, and business models. To maximize these opportunities, we've moved beyond corporate responsibility into what we call Sustainable Business and Innovation.


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Our vision is clear: To help Citywise consulting group, our employees, and consumers thrive in a sustainable economy where people, profit and the planet are in balance. To get there, we're integrating sustainability principles and practices into everything we do: design; developing sustainable materials; rethinking processes; advocating for change in industry. To measure our progress, we set ambitious long-term targets and report on our performance.



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We focus on creating and maintaining a rewarding and welcoming workplace for our people. We strive to attract and retain the most talented individuals, encouraging and enabling them to succeed while balancing their personal and professional lives.



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Because CityWise Consulting needs to use paper, electricity, and our company cars to be operational, it is impossible for us to completely stop producing green house gases (GHGs), but we work in other ways to offset our carbon footprint:

We purchase green office cleaning items and air purifiers for our headquarters
We follow The Carbon Platform's on-going Carbon Neutral Strategy
We recycle all the paper and plastic we consume
We encourage our employees to use public transportation or bicycle to come to work.

CityWise consulting group is planning to be carbon neutral by the end of 2013 by offsetting the total amount of GHG emissions we are producing by purchasing an equal amount of carbon permits in a green energy project.

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We foster an inclusive environment that values the richness of our differences and reflects the diverse world in which we work. By cultivating a dynamic mix of people and ideas, we enrich our service capabilities and the communities in which we operate.



Ethics2Ethics and Corporate Governance

We are proud of our global reputation for uncompromising integrity, ethical conduct and corporate governance. Our Code of Business Ethics and Vendor Code of Conduct are followed by our own employees and everyone who does business on behalf of our firm. We are also proud of the rigor and quality of corporate governance and the benefits these policies produce for our stakeholders.


VENDOR CODE OF CONDUCTVendor Code of Conduct:
We trust that our vendors, including firms and individuals who provide direct services to our clients, will honor our commitment to integrity. While vendors are viewed as independent entities, their business practices can reflect upon our brand and reputation. We expect all vendors to embrace and adhere to our Vendor Code of Conduct.


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CityWise aims to actively contribute to the community, which is why we take the time to support a variety of local associations throughout the year. We also encourage our staff to get involved by giving them extra paid holidays for community action projects.



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