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Activities for Golden Week in Beijing


Places and activities for your Golden Week and Mid-Autumn Festival in Beijing

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls in this year on October 4 (Wednesday). So it is possible to enjoy the full moon during your leisure time of the Golden Week at special destinations.


  1. Beihai Park

The Beihai Park was used by Chinese emperors to watch the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s a beautiful feeling to take a cruise on the lake and see the moon reflection in the water. The park will stay open until 9pm that night. Boats are available for use for the festival.

Admission: 10 RMB

English address: 1 Wenjin Jie, Xicheng district

Chinese address: 西城区文津街1号



  1. CCTV Tower

The CCTV Tower is 385 meters (1260 ft) high. At 221 meters (725 ft) high is a restaurant where you can enjoy a Western buffet, Chinese and Japanese styles, together with different barbeques.

At a height of 238 meters (781 ft) is a platform, which provides telescopes for visitors to have a clear and breathtaking view of Beijing. The CCTV tower is located at West Third Ringroad Central in Haidian District.

Admission: 70 RMB

Opening Hours: 8:30AM - 10:00PM

English address: No.11 Xisanhuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing; Shijingshan

石景山11 Xisanhuan Zhonglu Haidian District海淀区西三环中路11号


  1. Chang'e parade at Gubei Water Town

The Water town covers an area of 9 square kilometres including reproduced cultural streets, accommodation, restaurants etc. During the festival, you can enjoy in the water town performances such as lion dance, Chang'e (the moon goodness) parade, moon sacrifice ceremony, river lantern blessing and garden party.

Admission: 150 RMB/per head

English address: Gubei Water Town Simatai Area

Chinese address: 司马台区古北水镇旅游度假风景区


  1. Dajue Temple

This temple area includes over 160 ancient trees, with an old gingko tree over 1000 years old. For a pleasant atmosphere, water runs in little, channels through the temple ground. In a renovated courtyard of the temple, you can find the Minghui Teahouse. The teahouse offers Shaoxing-style buffet dinners and traditional music performances. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, visitors can celebrate the full moon with good food and sweet tea.

English address: 23 Shatan Beijie, (off Wusi Dajie at the end of the lane), Dongcheng district

Chinese address: 东城区五四大街以北,沙滩北街23


  1. Longtan park lantern festival

Longtan (Dragon Pool) Park in the southeast of the Chongwen district offers a big area for all ages to enjoy the day. And the famous Longtan lantern festival will be celebrated in this park as usual, which has been a long-running cultural event in Beijing.

Admission: 2 RMB /per head

English address: 8 Longtanhu Lu Dongcheng district

Chinese address: 东城区龙潭路8号(近华普超市)


  1. Lugou Bridge (Marco Polo Bridge)

Each year you could visit a temple fair at Wanping Town east of Lugou Bridge to celebrate the Moon Festival. A visit to a temple fair is a cultural experience.

Visitors have a chance to watch Chinese traditional folk art, such as performances of lion and dragon dances. In addition, it provides a good opportunity to explore the local lifestyle by meeting some locals.

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

English address: Yongding River, Fengtai District

Chinese address: 丰台区卢沟桥   


  1. Mid-Autumn Festival concert at the Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture

The Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture in Beijing, have been decorated with around 1.6 million potted flowers of 150 different species. While visitors admire the wonderful moon, they can listen to folk music associated with the festival. The concert in the museum combines garden touring, folk music, and traditional culture together.

Admission: Free

English address: 15 Shejichang Road, Fengtai district


  1. Mutianyu Great Wall

At the Great Wall, you can visit series of different activities include a tourism forum, high-end wine party, mooncake DIY, band performance, and open-air cinema.

Admission: 45 RMB/per head

English address: Mutianyu Town, Huairou District

Chinese address: 怀柔区慕田峪镇


  1. Shichahai

Shichahai is the oldest water area in Beijing. While traveling by a wooden boat on the water, guests can enjoy Mooncakes and tea. Advance bookings are needed as the demand is great.

English address: Xihai, Houhai, and Qianhai, north of Beihai, Xicheng District.



Other Events during the Golden Week


  1. Military Review & Parade at Tiananmen Square

On October 1 Beijing celebrates a special flag raising ceremony. The square is decorated with flags and portraits. When the sun goes down, uniformed troops start the flag raising ceremony. This military parade is impressive to local people and foreigners equally. The Military Parade is now organized in small dimension every 5 years and in large dimension every 10 years.

Admission: Free

Date: Oct 1, Sunset

English address: Tiananmen Square, (take Tiananmen West), Dongcheng district

Chinese address: 东城区天安门广场


  1. Beijing Design Week

Beijing Design Week established a public serve platform for the sustainable development of creative and design industry. The week, when it opens, has become a week for interaction with the public, the professionals, and the businesses.

Date: Sep 23 - Oct 07

English address: A 14F GEHUA TOWER No.1 Qinglong Hutong Dongcheng District, 100007 Beijing, China, 100007

Chinese address: 地址:北京市东城区青龙胡同1号歌华大厦A座14层邮编:100007


  1. Sunday Brunch at The Lobby

The Lobby at The Peninsula Beijing invites family diners to share memorable culinary moments at the new Sunday Brunch Buffet. The dinner offers unlimited access to a lavish presentation of freshly imported seafood, featuring succulent lobsters, shrimps and shucked oysters accompanied by homemade sauces, condiments, and dressings.

Admission: 480 RMB

Date: Oct 1, 12:00 pm - 15:00 pm

English address:    8 Jinyu Hutong (Goldfish Lane), Wangfujing, Dongcheng district

Chinese address:    东城区王府井金鱼胡同8号





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