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International Schools In Beijing

Finding the right school for your children is essential when moving to a new country. Hence, CityWise Property Solutions has prepared a comprehensive list of the best international schools in Beijing in order to help expatriate families choose the best fit for their children. This list includes the best educational institutions in the city for students of all ages. In order to further assist your search, we have divided these schools into four different categories:


Schools with benefits for CityWise clients: This category includes a number of International Schools that have partnered up with CityWise and agreed to offer benefits to all CityWise clients. Benefits include tuition discounts and waived fees, among other incentives. Please, contact us to learn more about these benefits.

International Schools and Kindergartens: This list has a multitude of international schools and kindergartens to help kids integrate into Chinese culture while studying in an international environment. These schools teach international curricula such as the American, French, German, Canadian, Japanese, Korean, and British.

Universities: This category includes some of the top universities in Beijing, and even in China. These schools offer a variety of programs and degrees, including undergraduate, masters, PHD, and non-degree programs.

Chinese Language School: This category includes some of the top Chinese Language School in Beijing. These schools are focused to teach Chinese for students of all ages.
For more information please feel free to contact us.

School visits are integrated in our orientation package to help you narrow down your choices and apply for enrollment. For more information on fees and registration please feel free to contact us.

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