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Schools with Benefits

Schools With Benefits for CityWise Clients


BCA合照Beijing Collegiate Academy is committed to building China’s leading international bilingual school by combining the strengths of the Canadian curriculum with those of the Chinese curriculum. With both licensed Canadian and Chinese teachers, students have the opportunity to become fluent in both Chinese & English, allowing them to enjoy a unique perspective and advantageous starting point to their college and professional careers. Conveniently located on the east side of Chaoyang Park, BCA is purpose built with state-of-the-art classrooms, sports facilities and world class teachers. Beijing Collegiate Academy aims to educate future global leaders.

Curriculum:BCA offers an international Canadian curriculum (70%) with a bi-lingual focus on Chinese Language, Maths and Arts (30%). BCA conducts a pre-entry assessment to ascertain a student's Behavioral and English Language requirements. BCA has limited facilities for students with special education needs.

Advantage for CityWise Client: Beijing Collegiate Academy offer a 5% discount for clients of CityWise.

Tuition Fees: 
Application Fee- RMB 2000
-Annual Tuition
Kindergarten- RMB 142,000
Grade 1&2- RMB 175,300
Grade 3&4- RMB 177,300
Grade 6&8- RMB 181,300
New Student Fee- RMB 10,000
Uniform Fee- RMB 2000 (Winter, Summer, & PE Kit)
Lunch: RMB 5500/year
Bus (optional): RMB 8,500 – 11, 500 (depending on zone)

Address: No.10 Upper East Feng South Rd. Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016. 北京市朝阳区东风南路上东10号, 邮编100016.

Contact Information: Email:
Email:; Tel: (86-10)-5681-2555.



bibalogoBeijing International Bilingual Academy, BIBA (founded in 2006) comprises of Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School Departments and is located in Shunyi, 5 minutes from Europlaza. A candidate school for WASC and for the IB Diploma Program, BIBA currently follows an international curriculum that includes US Common Core Standards, IGCSE, and strong Chinese language and mathematics programs. While its ECC2-4 age is 50%/50% bilingual, Kindergarten is 70%/30% and the percentage of English instructional time increases as students’ progress up the grade levels. BIBA is also passionate about education of the “whole child” via a wide array of sporting, music and performing arts programs.

Curriculum: A candidate school for WASC and for the IB Diploma Program, BIBA currently follows an international curriculum that includes US Common Core Standards, IGCSE and strong Chinese language and mathematics programs. All students need to pass an interview and assessment before being offered a position at BIBA.

Advantage for CityWise clients: Advantage for CityWise clients include free Capital Levy as well as 20% discount to expatriate families holding a foreign passport. Contact the school for more details regarding these benefits.

Tuition Fees: 

Application Fee- RMB 2000
-Annual Tuition
ECC (2-4 years old)- RMB 120,000
ES (KG - G5)- RMB 150,000
MS (G6 - G8)- RMB 160,000
HS (G9 - G12)- RMB 160,000
-Semester Tuition
ECC (2-4 years old)- RMB 66,000
ES (KG - G5)- RMB 82,500
MS (G6 - G8)- RMB 88,000
HS (G9 - G12)- RMB 88,000
- New Student Fee
ECC (2-4 years old)- RMB 10,000
ES, MS, HS- RMB 20,000
Uniform Fee- RMB 2500/ set
Lunch and snack Fee- Optional
Bus Fee- Optional: Year 8000-11,000 Semester 4000-5500.

Note: 20 % sibling discount is offered for second and any subsequent children.

Address: Monet Garden Main Campus, Building 11, No. 5 Yumin Road, Houshayu,Shunyi, 101300 Beijing. 海嘉国际双语学校, 北京市顺义区后沙峪裕民大街5号.

Contact Information: Email:; Tel: (86-10)-8041-0390.
E-mail:; Tel: (86-10)-8041-0390 Ext 8037.



BICC logo.png copyFounded in 2005, Beijing International Chinese College (BICC) is the largest private Chinese language school in Beijing. With more than 30 classrooms in our 3 campuses, we have exceptional facilities and resources to support your studies. Our teachers are very experienced and engaging, our courses are flexible and affordable. We are the only private school in Beijing that can issue a free student visa. Every year we provide a unique Chinese Language Seminar to over 200 Foreign Diplomats in Beijing, we also train foreign language teachers how to become Chinese language teachers. Our BICC Summer Camp attracts more than 100 students each year.

 Curriculum: Regular/Intensive Chinese, HSK test preparation, Business Chinese. Our one-on-one classes: Chinese Language, HSK test preparation, Business Chinese.

Advantage for CityWise clients: FOUR FREE group classes (consecutive classes in one day).

-Annual Tuition
Regular Chinese (20 lessons/week) RMB 55
Intensive Chinese (30 lessons/week) 20 lessons Regular Chinese + 10 lessons one-on-one RMB 55, RMB 110 per one-on-one lesson.
-Semester Tuition
Regular Chinese (20 lessons/week) RMB 60
Intensive Chinese (30 lessons/week) 20 lessons Regular Chinese + 10 lessons one-on-one RMB 60, RMB 110 per one-on-one lesson.


Sanlitun Campus Address: Baijiazhuang Xili No. 2, behind Beijing No.80 Middle School (South gate), Chaoyang district, Beijing, P.R.China. 100026; 北京市朝阳区白家庄西里2号.北京八十中学南门.

Maizidian Campus Address: Chaoyang Park West Road No.11, 2F, Chaoyang district, Beijing,P.R.China. 100125; 北京市朝阳区朝阳公园西路11号, 2层.

Maquanying Campus Address: No. 1, Compound No. 72 Shunbai Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, 10125

Contact information: Email:; Tel: (86-10)-6507-240, (86-10)-5903-9267.



imgresEduwings Kindergarten is a trilingual international kindergarten for German, English and Chinese kids. Students are 1-6 years old. Following a German Kindergarten curriculum, students are put it in small groups with native speaking teachers for an enjoyable learning experience. The alumni have gone on to attend various international schools such as the German Embassy School, British School of Beijing, International School of Beijing and Chinese Primary Schools. They have two campuses in Shunyi and Haidian Districts.

Curriculum: We aim to create an individual program to support, develop and inspire children between 12 months and 6 years development. In our kindergarten children are encouraged to explore and develop their talent and ability. We believe it is important that children learn to challenge, explore and discover the world around them. We aim to follow the Berlin Education Plan in many specific areas. We particularly wish to follow the Berlin Education Plan in the following areas. If you are interested in reading the Berlin Education Plan in full please ask us for the Berlin Education Plan book. The book is available in both German and English.

Advantage for CityWise Client:

Program / Discount/ Full Day per year/ Full Day in total
Pay for 2 years/ 10 % / 72000/ 144000
Pay for 3 years /20% /64000 /192000
Pay for 4 years /30% / 56000 / 224000
Sibling Discount / 8% / 73600 /73600
Company Discount (for more than 8 kids)/ 8%/ 73600/ 73600

Tuition Fees:

2014-2015 Academic Year: RMB 58 000/year (Half day)
RMB 80,000/year (inclusive of lunch- Chinese and western food homemade by our chef, special food for baby class, uniform and afternoon activities)
Bus fee: RMB 8,000—10,000/year


Shunyi campus: Building 52 Merlin Champagne Town, Liyuan street,Tianzhu, Shunyi District; 顺义区天竺镇丽苑街6号美林香槟小镇会所.

Haidain campus: No.6 Guangda xiyuan, Wanliu Zhonglu, Haidian District; 海淀万柳中路光大西园6号.

Contact Information:

Shunyi campus: Email:; Tel: (86-10)-6450-8384.
Haidain campus: Email:; Tel: (86-10)-8257-0436.



imgresHope international School opened in the Fall of 2012. It uses an American curriculum that is enriched with faith-based lessons. HIS offer Advanced Placements (AP) college-level courses for our high school students. School levels go from Pre-K to Grade 12. HIS is currently in candidacy for WASC accreditation in the US. Hope International School graduates have been accepted in top universities like Yonsei University, Vanderbilt, Wheaton, University of British Columbia, Harvey Mudd among many others.

Curriculum: Hope International School uses the American Curriculum. Current entry age is 4 (must turn 4 by Dec. 1st of the current school year).

Advantage for CityWise Client: Pending

Tuition Fees:
Application Fee- 2000
Tuition Deposit- 15,000
-Annual Fee:
Pre K (K4) & K5, RMB 70,000
Grade 1-6, RMB 125,000
Grade 7-8, RMB 140,000
Grade 9-12, RMB 155,000
-Semester Fee:
Pre K (K4) & K5, RMB 37,100 *2
Grade 1-6, RMB 66,250 *2
Grade 7-8, RMB 72,200 *2
Grade 9-12, RMB 82,150 *2
English Plus (Grade 1-9) ++, RMB 16,000

Address: Crab Island, Exhibition Hall 4; No. 1, Xiedao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 1000018. 地址:朝阳区蟹岛路1号蟹岛4号展馆.

Contact Information: Admissions: ; Tel: (86-10)-400-800-8781 Ext. 245 (English), Ext.242 (Korean/Chinese).
Office: (86-10)-400-800-8781 Ext. 243.



House of Knowledge (HoK), is a true multilingual child-centered, family-friendly school where all children feel part of the school. HoK Kindergarten is Reggio Emilia inspired, with the curriculum driven by questions, information and excitement expressed by the children themselves. It offers programs in either English/Chinese or German/ English/Chinese. HoK prides itself on a high standard of education with high teacher ratio’s, only native and experienced teachers, safe environment and strict air pollution policy.

Curriculum: HoK Elementary School features a multi-sensory approach and content-based instruction. It offers two programs depending on your child’s language requirements; English/Chinese (American Common Core/Chinese National Curriculum) or German/English with Chinese (German Educational Program of Thueringen/ American Common Core).

Small student ratios are maintained to assure opportunities for individual instruction and school facilities are outstanding; art room, music room, library, computer lab, children’s kitchen, gymnasium, swimming pool, football field, outside play area and a rooftop court.

Advantage for CityWise Client: A discount applies to all CityWise clients. For more specific information please contact us.

Tuition Fees:
Nursery (18mth-3yrs), from RMB 68,000 to 102,400
Middle Age (3yrs-5yrs), RMB 133,560
Preschool (4yrs-6yrs), RMB 136,680
Grade 1-2, RMB 168,760
Grade 3-5, RMB 178,660
Placement Fee, RMB 16,000
Application Fee, RMB 2000
Deposit, from RMB 5000 to 15,000
Lunch Fee, RMB 6,800
School Bus Fee, from RMB 8000 to 10,000


Shunyi Campus: House Of Knowledge International School & Kindergarten, North Gate of Quanfa Gardens, 18 Ma Quan Ying, off Shunbai Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100103, P.R.China. 100103, 中国,北京市,朝阳区,18号马泉营路,泉发花园北门外,好思之家.

Chaoyang Campus: House Of Knowledge International School & Kindergarten. 15 Victoria Gardens,  Chaoyang Park West Rd. Beijing, P.R.China, 100025. 100025中国北京朝阳公园西路15号维多利亚花园一层,好思之家.

Contact Information:

Email:; Tel: (86-10)-400-650-7747


YCIS_SymbolYew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing)
 is located in a central Beijing location next to Honglingjin Park. YCIS Beijing follows the framework of the National Curriculum for England combined with an extensive Chinese Language and Culture programme that enables students to gain fluency in Chinese and English and appreciate both Eastern and Western cultures. The student body at the school includes over 40 nationalities with an international teaching staff representing 15 different nationalities. This Beijing international school is well-known for its attention to language development, holistic education and excellent examination results which lead to world-class university offers each year including Oxbridge and Ivy League University acceptances. YCIS Beijing is the only international school in China to receive the 'Cambridge Award for Excellence in Education' and the only international school in Beijing to maintain a 100% pass rate in the IB Diploma Programme.

Curriculum: YCIS Beijing follows the framework of the National Curriculum for England. However, unlike many international schools in Beijing, it internationalizes the curriculum with an extensive Chinese Language and Culture programme that enables students to gain fluency in Chinese and English and appreciate both Eastern and Western cultures. In Years 10-11, YCIS Beijing students undertake the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and in Years 12-13, students study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)YCIS Beijing is registered with the Ministry of Education as a school for children of foreign nationals. Therefore, as the license states, the school can only enrol expatriate children from age 2-18.

Advantage for CityWise Client: A discount applies to all CityWise clients. For more specific information please contact us.

Tuition fees:

2015-2016 Fee Schedule:

Kindergarten – K2 (Half Day) - 80,000 RMB
Kindergarten – K2 (Full Day) - 132,000 RMB
Kindergarten – K3 - 169,000 RMB
Kindergarten – K4 - 177,000 RMB
Lower Primary – Year 1 to Year 3 - 216,000 RMB
Upper Primary – Year 4 to Year 6 - 222,000 RMB
Lower Secondary – Year 7 to Year 9 - 244,000 RMB
Upper Secondary IGCSE – Year 10 to Year 11 - 261,000 RMB
Upper Secondary IB – Year 12 to Year 13 - 268,000 RMB
Placement Deposit Amount- K2-Year 13, RMB 20,000

Address:Yew Chung International School of Beijing, Honglingjin Park, 5 Houbalizhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100025, P.R.C.
北京耀中国际学校, 中国北京市朝阳区后八里庄5号红领巾公园 100025

Contact: Email:; Tel: (86-10)-8585-1836.


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