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  • Top 10 Must Eat Foods While Visiting Beijing

    Beijing, the capital of China, is a great location to get an authentic cultural experience in China, and for good reason: the city is over 3000 years old. There are so many amazing sites…more

  • Skiing resorts perfect for a one-day-trip

    After China won the bid for hosting the 2022 Winter Olympic in 2015, the national interest for snow-sports have been increasing rapidly. New ski resorts are being developed and China has got a high…more

  • Feifei

    Feifei tailor moved to a new location

    And here we go again. Feifei tailor moved to a new location again. This time it’s a bit more further away just next to Oak Chateau apartments. The new address is: 国际港8号楼803 – International…more

  • The Chinese art of gift giving

    In Chinese culture, gift giving is just as important in the business environment as in private life. Why? Giving gifts is a way to create ties with Chinese people. As symbolism is highly present…more

  • Swiss

    Swiss School in Beijing now open!

    CityWise attended the opening of the first Swiss School in Beijing on the 30th October 2017. Built on the grounds of the Western Academy of Beijing, an international school founded in 1994, the school…more

  • ID Diplomatic Halloween event

    Halloween is a great excuse to put on an event. Whether you’re going all-out scary, or adding more subtle Halloween touches, there are so many different Halloween themes and ideas out there to be…more

  • The magic of light-strands

    When relocating to Beijing, most expats choose to rent a home in Beijing. No matter if you choose to bring your own furniture or rent a fully furnished home, adding light-strands to your interior…more

  • Eco-friendly scenic getaway next to the Great Wall

    When living in bustling Beijing, it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day city life. Even though Beijing is an amazing city with endless oportunities, we can all benefit from a short…more

  • How to avoid dry skin and allergies this winter

    It’s not uncommon for newcomers to Beijing to feel uncomfortable when they first arrive here. Beijing is full of weird and wonderful foods, smells, and particles – and those who are exposed to these things for…more

  • Coworking

    New co-working office space in Sanlitun

    Choosing the right office rental in Beijing for your business is one of the most important decisions you can make. Location literally defines success in a number of industries and niches, and your rental…more