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Feifei tailor moved to a new location


And here we go again. Feifei tailor moved to a new location again. This time it's a bit more further away just next to Oak Chateau apartments. The new address is:

国际港8号楼803 - International Harbor building 8 - 803

Fei Fei began to study in Shanghai Changning Fashion Vocational School in 1983. After graduation, she served an apprenticeship in Shen Yanting Old Tailor Shop in Shanghai.

In May 1987 she moved to Beijing and continued to work as a tailor.

FeiFei doesn't stock a lot of fabric, but they can get any fabric you need, or you can supply your own fabric.


If you want to buy your own suit fabric, the cheapest place is the fabric market in Tianjin. If you have a free day, you can take the train there (takes a little over an hour). If you can't leave Beijing, I recommend Yue Xiu market on ChaoYangMen street. But, be prepared to bargain heavily if you go there. Yue Xiu won't be as cheap as Tianjin, but the price is still reasonable after bargaining and the fabric is good (but I don't recommend the tailoring service at Yue Xiu).

The tailors can make any suit you want, with any features. They are also very good at copying suits from pictures, so if you have a picture of the suit you want, bring it with you. They can also arrange to have the suits delivered to your hotel.

The clear advantage of Fei Fei is, that she is doing everything by herself and this you can clearly see in the quality. All the other tailors you can find here in Sanlitun are sending your order to a fabric.


Feifei contact:





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