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Foreign organisation in Beijing

networkingAbout half of the CityWise team is made up of expats, so we know what it’s like to move to a city like Beijing. It is not only a matter of finding a place to live and work, but also finding a way to cope with a completely different culture. That is why our research team has compiled a list of associations and links to help you build your Beijing network straight away. This list is made up of organizations geared towards all sorts of activities from business networking events to more relaxed social events such as sports, tea, or even hobbies like knitting. So go ahead, have a look, and see what group best fits you:




AFABAfrican Female Association in Beijing (Association des Femmes Africaines de Beijing AFAB): Founded in April 2005, AFAB’s main target is to provide African women residing in Beijing with the opportunity to network with each other and contribute to the improvement of social and cultural exchange between the African continent and China. The AFAB is proud to have members from Benin, Ivory Coast, Congo, Djibouti, Gabon, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal, Togo and Chad and is open to all countries from the African continent. As part of its activities, AFAB also works as a non-profit organization to donate towards humanitarian causes such as orphanages or natural disaster relief in African countries in need.


imgresANZA: The Australian and New Zealand Association has worked as a support network for Australians, New Zealanders, and all other expats living Beijing since 1994. ANZA hosts monthly morning teas for members and newcomers, as well as bigger yearly events such as the Melbourne Cup Lunch and the widely acclaimed Great Wall Dinner. This association also offers other services to members and newcomers such as orientations. Membership is open to all foreign passports for a small annual fee of RMB150 per family. Profits raised from membership fees, event entry fees, and other activities, are largely donated to charities. For more information, visit the ANZA website,


ceChina entrepreneurs: China Entrepreneurs is a professional organization dedicated to fostering the growth of entrepreneurship in China. With content reaching both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, our goal is to bring the wide range of personal experiences and resources together to support entrepreneurship in China. The community is open to entrepreneurs of all industries, with businesses of all sizes. To find out more about China Entrepreneurs visit or email


fcgroupThe FC Group: The FC Group pro-actively helps people to build and strengthen business and professional connections, and guanxi, in order to leverage focus business and career objectives. The FC Group organizes weekly events every Tuesday, as well as monthly daytrips, and larger events quarterly. Among the services offered by the FC Group is the provision of Foreign Consultants, including its database of over 12,000 people in Beijing, which covers most industries. For more information, visit the FC Group website,


inn-logo-newInternational Newcomer Network (INN): INN is a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental, non-denominational organization established in 1994 by a group of expatriates living in Beijing. It hosts a range of several casual events at different locations around town and one information meeting on a monthly basis. They are aimed at helping Beijing newbies and expatriates adjust to life in the city. This resource of information and support network offers help on a range of topics from how to open a bank account to signing up for health care, to finding a housekeeper. E-mail for more information or visit


imgres-1Internations: Internations is the first online community for expatriates around the world. It reaches out to the international community: diplomats, members of IGOs and NGOs, foreign correspondents, expatriates employed by multinational companies and their family members. The Internations network includes over 390 communities around the world, including the one in Beijing. You can join the Beijing Internations community with either a free Basic membership or an Albatross membership with benefits for a monthly fee. For more information, visit the Internations website,


imgres-4Irish Network China (INC): The INC is an not-for-profit organization whose aim is to promote and encourage exchange and understanding of business, cultural and sporting ties between the Irish and Chinese communities in Beijing. They welcome members from all nationalities, who are driven by a shared passion of Ireland. Once you are subscribed as a member you will receive regular updates as to events in advance. Visit for more information.


beijing guildThe Beijing Guild: The Beijing Guild is an informal crafts group which welcomes people of all nationalities interested in knitting, crochet and other crafts, coming together to share their passion and to meet others. The group hosts hosts weekly sessions where members meet new people, make new friends, exchange ideas and share their projects and expertise in a friendly sociable environment. Visit for more information or e-mail


imgres-5Mashup Sport and Social: Mashup enables people meet others with similar interests and hobbies. Mashup organizes adult sports leagues, social events and tournaments in Beijing - bringing people together to get active and social. Visit or e-mail to find out more.



accPékin Accueil: Pekin Accueil aims for the smooth integration of newly arrived French Speaker in Beijing. This non-profit association offers weekly activities manually, playful nature, sports and culture, and also visits in and around Beijing. Visit for more information or e-mail



Viva Beijing: Viva enables professional women in Beijing to increase their impact and enjoyment of working life by providing a network where they can share knowledge and enhance their professional skills, make meaningful business connections and friendships and meet like-minded people, be inspired and have fun. E-mail or visit to find out more.


ZhongbreizhZhongbreizh: Zhongbreizh is the association of the Bretons, Celts or lovers of the celtics culture in Beijing. Created in 1997, Zhongbreizh organizes several annual events including Interceltic evenings, Fest Noz and crêpes nights. Everyone who wants to share, promote and develop great link between China and Brit tany is welcomed. E-mail to find out more, or visit




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