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Housing Search Tips

Attention to detail is the key to finding the perfect home. 

Make sure to negotiate for any furniture or items that you do not want to be taken out of the apartment, and don’t hesitate to ask for new furniture if you think it’s necessary. If you get rid of some of the landlord’s furniture during the leasing period you will be probably charged by the landlord when you move out, so make sure you get everything spelled out clearly in the contract before you sign.

painting1Condition of the apartment and/or repairs
In China many things can be negotiated when you choose a new home. Don’t hesitate to negotiate for painting the walls, checking for pests, or testing all the air conditioning units. Your CityWise property consultant will of course arrange a pre-checking before you move in but be sure of which improvements you want to negotiate before you go any further.


downpayment1Down payment
It’s become increasingly common for landlords to request up to six months’ rent in advance, in addition to one month’s deposit and in some cases the agent fee. In most cases this is more of a bargaining chip than a deal-breaker. Most landlords are unwilling to agree to month-to-month payment and require at least three months’ rent at a time. Keep this in mind while budgeting for your move to Beijing, and if your work gives you a housing allowance find out if they will be able to give you an advance.

Your RightsYour rights
All our leasing agreements are written in both English and Chinese for full transparency. We will help you to get the safest contract possible to secure a worries free tenancy.



CalculationThe agent’s fee
The real estate agent usually gets one month’s rent as their fee. It’s generally the landlord’s responsibility to pay the agent fee, but for apartments under 8000 RMB, the agent fee is often shared between the landlord and the tenant.

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