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 Leading the way in the corporate relocation industry.

Within the relocation industry CityWise has maintained a reputation for providing a professional and cutting-edge range of services tailored to the precise requirements of our clients and their personnel. Our focus on the family approach coupled with our leading technology and best-in-class service options make CityWise the ideal corporate relocation partner. At CityWise we make sure to deliver the highest standard of services in the industry while ensuring the best customer experience for our corporate partners and their expatriates. Get in touch with our corporate relocation team for more details on our services and relocation solutions.(Link to the contact us page)


P1Pics1 red interrogation pointRelocation service

Moving key staff members from one country to another, settling them happily and getting them working quickly and effectively in their new location, is one of the main challenges of every HR and administration department in today’s global economy. CityWise will make it happen! Our relocation service includes: Pre-move preparation; airport pickup; temporary accommodation booking; city tour; visit of international hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and cultural centers; cross-cultural training; housing search; lease negotiation; check in process; and, additional administrative support.

thumb_600_0_20100414075804222 (1)Admin/HR support 

Dealing with expatriates’ mobility management is time consuming. CityWise can support you with: Contract management / Payment management / Housing policy design / On-site staff support / Dedicated corporate account manager / Regular market updates and benchmark studies



P2 Pics6 Red house chosenHome Search:

Finding the right Beijing home for your employees is the key part of a successful relocation. Our home search service includes: Need Analysis / Accompanied Home Search / Lease Negotiation / Hand-over  / Lease Renewal / Lease Termination / 24/7 Emergency Support Line



ticked box2Tenancy management

CityWise can provide ongoing support services for the entire duration of the lease: Lease Compliance  / Inspection Report / Tenancy Consultation – We advise the tenant of all obligations and duties they are responsible for under the terms of the lease agreement.



Connection Services – We assist with applications for utilities (gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet, and cable TV) /

Security Deposit Management – We organize payment administration and collection at lease termination

Lease Tracking - We keep track of critical dates such as lease renewal and lease re-negotiation dates, and make sure you’re informed.

Cancellation Services – We also assist with the termination of utilities (gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet, and cable TV).

Property Management – We keep track of vacant properties so they can be quickly occupied should a suitable tenant be identified.

Expense Management – We offer consolidation and invoicing of utilities on a monthly, or other basis. Summary utility expense reporting on a property-by-property basis is also available.

Repair and Maintenance – We handle regular preventative maintenance visits including minor repairs and other handyman services. This also includes negotiation of major repairs with the landlord and inspection upon completion.


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