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Orientation Services

Let us make your relocation smoother

CompassThe objective of this program is to provide you with an overview of Beijing to support your decision making process. The visit usually takes place months before the actual relocation, and helps you to get acquainted with the local living conditions. It sets the foundation for an organized and comfortable relocation in addition to providing peace of mind.

This is a flexible program that addresses the transportation system, international hospitals, shopping areas, and assistance with school selection and identification of housing options. The scope of these services is based upon your needs and the goals of the visit.

The highlights of the program include:

  • Your Relocation Profile - This pre-departure questionnaire details your concerns, interests and specific needs. This information is important to help us prepare personalized arrangements for your visit.
  • Information Package – This is given to you upon arrival. The package contains up-to-date relevant information, including maps and a comprehensive guidebook.
  • Orientation Briefing - This is the first step toward a better understanding of your new environment. We provide an overview of the city’s infrastructure in relation to the location of work, schools, popular housing areas, shopping centers, hospitals, sports and recreational facilities, and other places of special interest.
  • Orientation Tour - The tour is partly standard and partly tailor-made to your needs. It includes the central business district, shopping areas, medical facilities, recreational facilities and popular housing areas. We may arrange school and kindergarten visits, assist with selection and registration, or accompany you to a bank, and other places of special interest.
  • Keeping in Touch - When returning home, we would be pleased to assist you with any further information that you may need.
  • One of our consultants will accompany you throughout your scheduled visit, and with the support from our team of experienced advisors, we will find a way to satisfy all your needs.

Other Services: CityWise property solutions can assist you in finding a housekeeper or nanny, obtaining your local driving license, sourcing appliances for your new home, helping you with your police registration, medical exam, general guidance on visa services and much more. Contact us for more details.

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