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Market Study

Market StudyCityWise Property Solutions knows how important it is for companies to understand the residential leasing market of Beijing when relocating their employees to such a complex city. That is why our market study team produces data analyses, indices and forecasts, that helps us to create relevant market reports.

Our market studies consist of up-to-date trends and data in the residential leasing market, which provide the necessary knowledge to assess the acquisition, leasing, or development of property in Beijing.

In each market study you will find a general overview of the leasing market as well as the specif trends for the different types of properties- Villa, Serviced and Grade A apartments, as well as their respect high end and luxury sectors. Furthermore you will see quarter-on-quarter price fluctuation comparisons with previous years of the various compounds in the most popular areas among expatriate employees in Beijing.


China World Hotel Residence

2017 Residential Market Study:

Market Study2ndQuarter
2017 Residential Market Study:



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