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Make a difference with Roundabout


Are you looking for an organisation to donate clothes? Or maybe you have extra time on your hands and would like to engage yourself in charity work? Then you should read more about Roundabout, a social enterprise supporting causes all over China! 



The main concept of Roundabout is to connect those who wish to give with those in need through monetary and item donations. To achieve this, the organisation runs a donation and distribution centre, a fundraising retail store and acts as a bridge connection people to the cause. As a result of almost 10 years of operations, the organisation has supported a high number of causes in Beijing and across China. 

Here are some examples of how Roundabout has helped in the past:

  • Distributing warm quilts to elderly people.
  • Meeting medical costs for children from poor families.
  • Sponsorships for school children in rural areas.



Roundabout is always happy to receive donations. Most items will be passed on to people in need, and some items will be sold to raise founds for needy causes. However, in respect and for the dignity of the recipients, make sure that all donations are in good, clean and working order. They are happy to accept different items such as clothes and goods, but currently they see a higher need for the following items: Clothing, playground equipment, NEW underwear and socks, children's books, diapers. Press here to find more needed items.

There are several locations where you can donate items throughout Beijing. Among these, the fundraising retail store is one option.



In addition to donating quality items, there are more ways to support the organisation:

  • Shopping. When you do shopping in the Roundabout's retail store, the funds raised will go to needy causes. 
  • Volunteering. Do you have extra time at your hands? As a social enterprise, volunteers run Roundabout. Therefore, you can contact Roundabout if you are interested in learning more about volunteering opportunities!
  • Monetary donations. You can give monetary donations to Roundabout - who ensure that 100% of the donations will be given to people in need. If you want to donate to a specific organisation directly, then Roundabout can help connect you with different charitable causes. 



Address: Cathy View Plaza, No.2 Xiangjiang Bei Lu, Chaoyang District (OBS! New address!)
Contact: 137 1877 7761,


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