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Skiing resorts perfect for a one-day-trip


After China won the bid for hosting the 2022 Winter Olympic in 2015, the national interest for snow-sports have been increasing rapidly. New ski resorts are being developed and China has got a high aim: 1000 ski areas by 2022. Do you want to join the snow-sport fever this winter? Listed below in this post are some hot skiing locations close to Beijing!

To give you an overview, the picture below illustrates the location of some skiing resort located at a short distance from Beijing. 

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

Located a 30 minutes drive northeast of Beijing, this famous ski resort offers 150 000 ha of winter activities. The 21 trails ranging from a beginner to advanced level make this destination perfect for groups with different level requirements. In addition, the resort offers a big snowboard park, 150 certified instructors and 7000 sets of skiing equipment. 

Address: Shengshuitou Village, Hennanzai Town, Miyun, Beijing 北京密云河南寨镇圣水头村



Huaibei International Ski Resort

Northeast of Beijing you can find Huaibei International Ski Resort, one of the oldest ski resorts close to Beijing. The resort has 8 trails, mainly for beginners or intermediate skiers, that in total counts up to 31 km of ski trails. What is unique with this location is that it is surrounded by the Great Wall on three sides. In total Huaibei can accommodate 5000 people. 

Address: No.548, Hefangkou Village, Huaibei Town, Huairou District, Beijing 101408
北京市怀柔区怀北镇河防口村548号 邮编101408

Website (OBS! Chinese)

Jundushan Ski Resort

Known for being the best choice for night skiing close to Beijing, this ski resort offers various snow activities. Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy 5 major ski trails; 2 at beginning level, 2 intermediate and finally one advanced which is one of few black diamond expert trails close to Beijing. If you are looking for other activities then you can rent both sleds, inner tubes and snowmobiles. The resort is located 34 km from Beijing city. 

Address: 588 Zhenshun Cun, Cuicun Zhen, Changping District, 昌平区, 崔村镇真顺村588号

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Shijinglong Ski Resort

Located 80 km from Beijing downtown you will find Shijinglong Ski Resort. The area offers 7 ski tracks where the most difficult one has a 30 degrees slope. Also, a snowboard park make Shijinglong a great destination for adventurous snowboarders and multiple snowmaking machines will assure great conditions for skiing.

Address: Zhongyangfang, Zhangshanying Zhen, Yanqing County, 延庆县张山营镇中羊坊

Alternative for a longer trip

The alternatives listed above are great options for weekends as well as a day-trip. If you have more time on your hands, then you will have multiple great options, one is Yabuli International Ski Resort.

Yabuli International Ski Resort, Harbin

Yabuli is commonly described as the best and largest ski resort in China. The resort offers both high tree-clad mountains and great snow. For the adventurous skier, Yabuli offers a large ski jumping facility.

AddressSoutheast of Yabuli Town, Shangzhi 150600, 尚志市亚布力滑雪旅游度假区阳光度假村

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