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The magic of light-strands

When relocating to Beijing, most expats choose to rent a home in Beijing. No matter if you choose to bring your own furniture or rent a fully furnished home, adding light-strands to your interior decoration is an easy fix to put a personal touch to your home. This post will give you inspiration of how a light-strand will enhance the coziness of your home this winter!


Instead of curtains. The windows are a perfect spot in every home to put a light-strand. Or why don't you put the light-strand on top of your curtains? 


Decorate a wall. With a simple nail or hook, a light-strand can be put on any wall to make it look stunning.


Decorate your table. Are you hosting a dinner party soon? During dark autumn evenings, a light-strand is the perfect way to enhance your table setting.

Put a light-strand inside glass bottles. Reusing your glass bottles in this way will not only make your home more cosy, it is also more sustainable than throwing your bottles away.

Multiple light-strands and beautiful curtains. If you can't get enough of light-strands then this idea might be something in your taste! Cover an empty wall with curtains and combine it with several light-strands. This idea suits living rooms as well as bedrooms. 

Inspired? Here are some links where you can order a light-strand to your home in Beijing: small light-strands can be found both in IKEA, Taobao and Jingdong. Bulb light-strands can be found in IKEA, Taobao and Jingdong. If you want to find more store options, search for 小灯串 (Xiǎo dēng chuàn) which translates into "small light strings".


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