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Three top green buildings in Beijing

During the last few years, the number of LEED certificated buildings in China has increased exponentially. This positive trend strongly helps Beijing, and China, to tackle the problem of climate change. In addition to positive environmental impact, LEED certificated projects also bring business benefits. For example, LEED-certified Grade-A offices often enjoy a 10 to 30 percentage rental premium.

In this post we will guide you through the basics of the LEED certification. We also present three Beijing structures holding Platinum LEED certifications.


LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is one of the most popular green building certification programs used worldwide. During the certification process, buildings can receive 100 possible base points distributed across six credit categories:

  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy and Atmosphere
  • Materials and Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Innovation in Design

In addition, up to 10 additional points can be earned. Four additional points can be received under the category of "Regional Priority Credits", and six additional points for "Innovation in Design". The last six points includes exemplary performance credits for existing credit categories. 

To sum up, buildings can qualify for four levels of certification:


Platinum LEED certificated buildings in Beijing

Since 2009, almost 30 projects in Beijing has been awarded with a Platinum LEED certification, the highest level LEED certification. Three remarkable examples are Parkview Green Beijing, Beijing Kerry Centre and World Financial Centre, all presented below.

Parkview Green Beijing

In 2009, Parkview Green became the first mixed-use Platinum building in mainland China. Through 200,000-square-meters, this environmentally friendly structure comprises four parts; office towers, shopping mall, an art centre and a boutique hotel. 


parkviewAs a holder of the Platinum LEED certification, Parkview Green has several advanced technological features. The complex is designed with a sloping roof that guarantees maximum sunshine. Not only for the building itself, but also for surrounding communities. The roof has yet another function: collecting rainwater. Water-conservation makes it possible for the rainwater to be used for both toilet flushing and irrigation. In comparison with similar buildings, this complex has a energy usage that is almost 40 percentage lower than expected.



Beijing Kerry Centre

Following comprehensive renovations, this almost 20 year old building was rewarded with a Platinum LEED certification in 2016. The structure hosts 140,000-square-meters of Platinum LEED-certified areas including a shopping mall, office space and the Kerry Hotel. Not to mention this green building also offers high quality serviced apartments. 

kerry centre

Click here to see a 3 bedroom apartment of 224 square meters in the Kerry Centre.

kerry centre

World Financial Centre 

The World Financial Centre was awarded with the Platinum LEED certification in 2010. In line with the certification, this centre offers its tenants high levels of safety, health, comfort, energy efficiency and sustainability. Double glazing is used to improve insulation. Another effect of the double glazing is a reduced energy consumption for heating and cooling. As a result, the operational impact of the World Financial Centre is 41 percent lower than the base case. 

world financial centre



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