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imagesBeijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is the only international university in China with its main task set at teaching the Chinese language and culture to foreign students. Meanwhile it also undertakes the tasks of offering degree education to both Chinese and international students in the fields of foreign languages, liberal arts,computer science, finance and accounting, of training teachers specialized in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and of providing intensive training of foreign languages to teachers preparing to go abroad.

Curriculum: It comprises 13 education departments. Of all the disciplines BLCU offers, one is a national key discipline and nine are Beijing municipal key disciplines. The Center for Studies of Chinese as a Second Language (CSCSL) in BLCU is one of the key research bases of humanities and social sciences that are presided directly by the Ministry of Education. Other research centers include International Cultures Research Center, the Center for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), Language Research Institution, Institute for Comparative Literature Research, and Institute for Applied Linguistics Research,etc. which are academically highly influential both internationally and domestically.

Tuition Fees: Tuition fees range from RMB 23,000 to RMB 29,000 (depending on the program).

Address: 15 Xueyan Road, Haidian District, Beijing. 100083.

Contact information: Email:; Tel: (86-10)- 8230-3951.



imgresPeking University (PKU) was founded in 1898, and it is the first national university in Chinese modern history. Peking University now consists of five faculties: Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Medicine, and Information and Engineering. The University has 47 colleges and departments, and offers 105 undergraduate programs, 291 graduate programs, and 249 doctoral programs. While still laying stress on basic sciences, the university has paid special attention to the development of applied sciences. In October 2010, there were 14,810 undergraduates, 12,082 postgraduates and 6,838 doctoral candidates. There were also on campus approximately 2,326 long-term international students from 80 countries.

Curriculum: Peking University is also famous for outstanding research facilities and high qualifying teachers and researchers with extensive research interests and profound knowledge. Today the University has 5,866 full-time faculties, of whom 1,701are professors and 2,037 are associate professors, 60 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science, and 8 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. At present, Peking University has 11 national key laboratories, 46 state key laboratories, 2 national engineering research centers and 8 affiliated hospitals and health centers.

Tuition Fees: Tuition fees range from RMB 26,000 to RMB 40,000 per year depending on the program.

Address: 5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China 100871.

Contact information: Email:; Tel: (86-10)-6275-1230.




imgresRenmin University of China (RUC) is a comprehensive research university focusing on humanities and social sciences. Its predecessor is Shanbei Public School founded in 1937 during the anti-Japanese War, and later developed to the North China Union University and North China University. It was officially established on October 3, 1950, and was named Renmin University of China. It therefore became the first university that was established by the new Chinese government. RUC has made countless contributions to the development of the society. It was named the China’s flagship for social sciences and humanities education.

Curriculum: RUC offers 68 bachelor degree programs, eight secondary bachelor degree programs, 177 master degree programs (including 40 master degree programs autonomously offered by RUC), 119 Ph.D. degree programs (including 39 Ph.D. degree programs autonomously offered by RUC). RUC has 20 first-level discipline programs that are entitled with the Ph.D degree and 18 mobile centers for post-doctoral research.

Tuition Fees: Tuition fees range from RMB 23,000 to RMB 148,000 depending on the program.

Address: No. 59 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing, 100872, P.R. China; 北京市海淀区中关村大街59号 邮编:100872.

Contact information: Email:; Tel: (86-10)-6251-1588.




imgresTsinghua University was founded in 1911, on the site of former a royal garden “Qinghuayuan” in Beijing. The beautiful campus has a long history of reputation for the trees with shadows and building complexes with different styles. In 2010, the campus is selected by Forbes as one of the fourteen most beautiful university campuses in the world. Tsinghua University holds the largest numbers of academicians affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Science and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, of the top disciplines on the whole, of the Key National Laboratories, of national awards in science and technology, of research funds, and also of articles indexed in SCI, EI and ISTP over the years.

Curriculum: In the academic year 2013-2014, Tsinghua offers 37 Bachelor’s degree programs, 97 Master’s degree programs and 76 Ph. D. degree programs to the international students. In particular, eleven of the Master programs. Most of the doctoral programs in engineering are ready to enroll international doctoral candidates who are skilled in English but do not have Chinese language proficiency.

Tuition Fees: Tuitions fees range from RMB 30,000 to RMB 198,000.

Address: Haidian, Beijing, China. 双清路30号.

Contact information: Email:;; Tel: (86-10)- 6279-3001.



imgresThe University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) was founded in 1952 following the amalgamation of the best departments in related fields of the five eminent universities as a result of a nationwide reorganization of the higher education system. Over half a century of remarkable growth, it has developed into one of the most influential national key universities under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education of China. USTB is extremely famous for its study of metallurgy and materials science. While engineering is the focus, it maintains a balanced program of science, management, humanities, economics and law.

Curriculum: USTB comprises 13 schools. Among its teaching staff of 1600 there are 343 professors and 504 associate professors, including seven members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and three members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. With a total enrolment of 30,000 students, it offers 46 undergraduate programs, 118 master’s programs, 73 doctoral programs and 11 post-doctoral research fields. Besides 12 key national disciplines in the fields of metallurgy, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering and mining, it is also home to 2 key national laboratories, a national engineering research center and thirteen key ministerial laboratories and research centers.

Tuition Fees: Tuition fees range from RMB 23,000 to RMB 47,000 depending on the program.

Address: No.96, JinZhai Road Baohe District,Hefei,Anhui, 230026,P.R.China.

Contact information: Email:; Tel: 010-6233-2943.


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